Hyamsons Old-Fashioned FireWater 

Herbal Health and Immunity Tonic



Rich with natural antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting herbs, spices and other ingredients our FireWater is a powerful herbal tonic based on a recipe that was first developed by English Herbalist James Hyamson in 1894.


James Hyamson was my Great, Great, Great Grandfather and Natural Medicine has been an integral part of my family for over 130 years.


Our FireWater is a type of oxymel - a herbal remedy that includes both organic apple cider vinegar and organic Tasmanian honey from Tasmania's native wilderness and mountains.


FireWater is carefully and lovingly handcrafted in small batches from the freshest, finest, organic and natural Tasmanian and Australian ingredients. Each batch is slowly matured for 4 weeks to ensure that all of the amazing natural immune-boosting and healing compounds from every single ingredient make their way directly to you.


FireWater can be used;


  • As an everyday tonic: A tablespoon daily
  • As a natural cold and sniffle remedy ; A tablespoon 3 x daily at the first sign of a sniffle
  • It can be enjoyed neat, or mixed with fresh lemon, honey (+/- a nip of whisky) and hot water as a "hot toddy"
  • Drizzled it onto salad or veggies as a delicious, healthy, immune-boosting dressing


We know that you will love it! Grab some today and start your journey to optimum health and wellness.

FireWater - Herbal Health and Immunity Tonic 200ml